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Preferred Interior Color?

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Looking at two Allantes -- basically similar cars

Both are pearl white with black soft top

One has the hard top as well with tan interior

Other has no hard top but has burgundy interior

One is a 91 (with tan and both tops)
Other is a 90 (burgundy)

Which interior? car preference? Thanks for your opinion
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I have a 90 with the burgundy and find that to be classic. I wouldn't mind having the hard top though!
I have a tan interior myself, but I do love the burgandy interiors.

All other things being equal, I'd buy the '91 because of the hard top. It's not a necessity, but it's handy to have.
I have silver / burgandy and like the color combination. If figure when I want to sell the car, I'll advertise it in the Columbus, OH Craigslist. Ann Arbor, not so much.
With the Pearl White exterior, I really think the Burgundy interior is really 'striking', but if I were you, I would go with the car with the hardtop. I have a 92 Allanté, Beige Metallic, and the tan (or neurtral) interior; the hardtop is a great addition to the car; it really is '3 cars in one: convertible, hardtop, and soft top; all very different appearances.

I've got the Pearl White with the Netural interior which I think is absolutely beautiful. It's really just a matter of what personally floats your boat. ;)


Looking at two Allantes -- basically similar cars
Really? There has to be a little more to the mix than just colors and a hardtop. Have you had both inspected by a reputable mechanic? That may make the decision really easy for you. If it is just about colors, go with burgandy.
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