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pre 1985 deville hood ornament, why are they different

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I noticed that the pre 1984 hood ornaments on the devilles are different, they have no wreath, just the crest. why is this?

heres an example off an '81 Coupe deville
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my '79 came witht he crest too.


take my '79 for example... it is a "DeVille", middle of the road Caddy. All the factory badgeing on the car still had the V... the steering wheel, the trunk etc... and just the crest on the hood (UGLY!)

now look at the 1979 Fleetwood...

notice, no V... instead it has the wreath!

just a way to distinguish the "base" model from the "upscale" model, thats all... it was like that until 1984, because the DeVille was RWD until 1984 (still could get the big body in Coupes) in 1985 the DeVille went FWD and Brougham took over the RWD chassis... the Fleetwood was also on the FWD chassis.

So now there is only 1 model on the RWD chassis... Brougham... so it kinda got it all, all the old Fleetwood options, Although you could still get an updated interior with the Brougham d"Elegance package.

I bought NOS (never used) 80's Brougham hood ornament on ebay and put it on my car, HUGE DIFFERENCE! gosh it is so much better.... but on the steering wheel and trunk, I kinda like the \/..... gives it a classic feel.

so thats why :)
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thanks rick :)

I respect your knowledge of Cadillacs :worship:
ps oh wow that cars only going for $100?!?!?!

you should buy that!
its taken from the "'79 Fleetwood auction" thread :)
Personally I like the look of the RWD DeVille's emblems. I like the V on those cars and the wreathless crest. The Eldorados, Fleetwoods, and Sevilles all had Wreaths, the DeVilles kept the V.
how about the 71-76 calais? did they have the crest or wreath and crest?
eh... the crest is really big and lonely... once i got the new crest on, it made a huge difference, especially behind the wheel :)
I~LUV~Caddys8792 said:
how about the 71-76 calais? did they have the crest or wreath and crest?
the Calais was even lower then the DeVille, it was the enrty level Cadillac... it most definitly had the \/ and no wreath... but a similar year Fleetwood has the wreath.

my grand fathers 1971 Fleetwood series 75 formal limo has the wreath on the steering wheel and hood (no hood ornament, on the leading edge)
oh yeah thats right...i remember looking at the 68-70 caddys and they have no hood ornaments
Calias had the \/. The only cars that didn't get the \/ were the Fleetwoods, Eldorados, and Sevilles which were concidered upscales I would think.
I noticed this too. At my voc. school a teacher donated his wifes 84? Cadilac Sedan Deville. It is the same colors as the 79 pictures. Gold on gold on gold.
The car has 100k but always garaged, and it shows. The chrome trim and stainless has no wear. It looks like on eof those mint 30k mile cars you see rarely. I hat the colors though. It has these V emblems and no crest on the hood ornament. Any time now freshmen kids will be tearing it apart and totally wrecking it. And to top it off, there is no mechanical problem on why it was donated, he needed it gone to get a new car. Sad. I was going to buy it as a parts car ( i cant get the original title) but no parts will really fit my car.
And that dumbass donated it? ****in' go steal it quickly before someone messes it up. NOW!
Body style like your car, but gold on gold, on gold.

And all the trim is MINT!!!! The condition i have never seen before on a 100k mile car. But it WAS taken care of. I hasent moved form it doomed parking spot since last june.

I remember when i was a freshmen and went thre the shop, everyone stuck screwdrivers in the seats and stuff. It sucks to see it go.

Though i cant get the title. I could buy it for parts. At first they wanted $1000 as is, but then found out how crazy he was and asked me what i was willing to pay, but i told him i found a differnt parts car. Motor and trans are fine. Body is mint other than i do remember a dent on the pass quarter? and the rear bumper was once replaced, so its looking like shit. But drop dead mint otherwise.
1990CaddyBrougham said:
I remember when i was a freshmen and went thre the shop, everyone stuck screwdrivers in the seats and stuff. It sucks to see it go.

god that pisses me off to hear! people are idiots!
don't let the kids trash it... please :(
Night Wolf said:
don't let the kids trash it... please :(
Please.......go save that poor car.... It's like seeing a bird with a broken wing......
I can only buy it for parts. i will get no title. Ao no way for me to register. My state requires a title. If i was in a non title kind of state then it would be a differnt story.

I walk by it today..... i wish the chrome and trim would fit my car, but most wont. Its sad.
Kids usually take the hubcaps off and reverse the white walls, and never put the caps on. The do that to all the car, cuz white walls arent "in"? then it gets riped apart. Mostly mechanical, but ive seen them take interoirs and stuff out, then when its all ripped up and shitty it goes to the junkyard.
I would take the emblems off if i was you! I don't want to degrade such a beautifiul car, but since it's going to the junkyard why not?
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