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Hey all, been a while since I have been here...but I figured where else should I go if I have a problem..I have a 93 Eldorado that has been acting up lately...Let me tell you the problems I have been having..and maybe i can get them solved all at the same time. First off I have had a problem with the warning buzzer for " lights left on after ignition shut off". It has stopped working.The next problem is the power cut off when doors have been opened after ignition cutoff. The power does not stop, in other words...if the stereo is on when I turn the ignition off, when I open the door it is suppose to shut off automatically, and it doesn't.And last...I think that this problem is due to water getting into the side mirror switch...The right side mirror does everything except go "IN" ( towards the car).and the passenger side mirror does all except go "out" ( towards the right lane). Well there you have it.....Hopefully there is an easy fix for all of these..I am mechanically inclined...however I am not a very good trouble shooter of electrical items..Thanks for anyone who remedies one or all of these...Look forward to all replies...
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