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Power window problem.

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I have a rear window (driver's side), that hasn't worked since I bought the car. I didn't know it for a while, because I had no reason to open it.

Anyway, based on all the motor issues posted here, I bought a new assembly and installed it today. The thing STILL doesn't work!:mad:

I opened the "module" and heard the relay inside snap (or a loud "CLICK) when I tried the window. Any help on what the problem might be?

If it's clicking but not engaging the motor, is it bad? can just that relay be replace if it is?

Now the window is down 2-3 inches due to the position the new assembly came in, and of course I can't close it.

Thanks for your ideas/advice.:yup:
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Yes. Whole new assembly.
Based on my observation of the "CLICK" when using the door switch, is that an indication that power is getting that far?....and that the relay on the board or module is shot?
I'll check the fuses as you suggest to cover all my bases, but power is getting to the module, so........
I'd hate to be wrong and pay $84 for a used module (or $200+ for a new one) when a $12 relay would do the job.

Thanks again!

ALSO, thanks for the heads-up on the tech. tip location for the '94 suspension trouble light. FOUND IT!
Finally tired of having to close a floor mat in the door to keep rain out, I got in the door again.
The chronic broken wire problem proved to be my issue as well!

Unfortunately, it broke too close to the sta-kon metal spike that goes into the molded plug. I was unable to get the metal spike off the end of the wire, so I (temporarily) striiped both ends, jammed them together like dry spaghetti, and taped the snot out of that hap-hazard connection. VOILA! It works for now, but how would one go about getting a single replacement spike to do a proper soldered connection?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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