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Power sunshade inoperable

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My dad's 2007 DTS performer has about 34,000 miles on it. He uses the sunshade often. It is in the down position now, it does not go up when button is pressed now. As far as i can tell, it does not even make a noise or respond to the button being pressed.

Is this an electrical problem?

Please help me fix this for him on father's day.

Also, is there an affordable FSM for the DTS and where can i find it so i can do better trouble shooting with this car.

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Check the fuses. There is also a fuse box under the rear seat.

I am not sure what you mean about "AFFORDABLE", but the BEST service manuals are from HELM.

here is the website...

Texas Jim
By affordable i meant not 135 dollars!


But i'll def be getting that anyway. Im used to free since my 94 concours came with both sets for free...

then i saw some of those for very cheap on ebay recently....


yeah i couldnt find that fusebox under the seat. Makes sense. I looked in the places of the fuse boxes in my 94 and only found the one under the hood obviously....

So i know the battery is under the seat too. I watched the dealer get under the seat one time but forgot how to do it.

Whats the best way to get the seat up?

Thanks a lot of the reply!
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I have not looked, but the owners manual may show the location of the fuse.
If it is in the underseat fuse box....

The seat is held at the BOTTOM, FRONT, by a couple of clips. They are a little tricky to get loose.
The way I do it is...move the front seats all the way forward... get in the car with my back to the front seat...use my knees and hands to kinda push the BOTTOM of the rear seat, down and to the rear, to release the catches and then lift it up.

Someone else may have a better way of raising up the rear seat and if the do, I hope they tell us. :)

I have to do one side at a time.
If you are going to take the seat all the way out...carefully unplug the connectors for the HEATED SEATS or you will break something.

I would look on e-bay for the HELM manuals.
Probably save a good bit of money that way.

Texas Jim
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Ok i got the seat up.

Looked through the fuse box label and the owners manual and there seems to be no fuse for the sunshade.

I cannot figure out what fuse it must share with something else.

Can anybody with a service manual help me locate which fuse it uses if it does indeed use one?

Thanks for the help Superjim
Five thoughts:

1. Open trunk, and look there for another fuse box. My 97 had a large fuse box on the back of the seat--about 50 fuses, as I recall. Plus several other fuse boxes--under hood, back seat, and instrument panel.

2. Go to a garage and ask them to look it up on their computerized Alldata system. Large modernized garages have this info available to them (if they pay the monthly subscription).

3. Shop manuals are expensive cause dealers no longer buy them. Similar info is available to them online.

4. Contact Gene Culley at He sells those manuals for about $135 shipped. Do a search here or on the Corvette forum. He is a sponsor there. A google search will bring up his name/company too.

5. When you are finished with the manual, I will give you $10 for it. LOL
Since it is a 2007 with only 34,000 is still under warranty.

Take it to the dealer and have them fix it.

Texas Jim
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