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Power Steering Pump Removal

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Hello All. I have a 1998 Deville De'Elegance and my power steering pump is howling. Need to repace it and need some help. It appears that I cannot remove the inlet pressure line to the pump with the pulley attached. As I only have about 1 inch clearance between the pulley and air conditioning cannister, I do not know how to remove the pulley. Also, there is no way to get a wrench on the inlet fitting that I can tell with the pulley attached.

Any help would be appreciated and thank you!
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My pump whined like a mofo. I put on a used one, same whine. Yes, new serp belt. New fluid. Had trans out last fall and took off pump for various reasons and dumped out all fluid. Than the rack drained out most of the fluid since I had the lines off and when I reinstalled everything, the pump was empty so I put in more new fluid and whine is gone. It has never been this quiet.
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