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Power Steering Pump Removal

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Hello All. I have a 1998 Deville De'Elegance and my power steering pump is howling. Need to repace it and need some help. It appears that I cannot remove the inlet pressure line to the pump with the pulley attached. As I only have about 1 inch clearance between the pulley and air conditioning cannister, I do not know how to remove the pulley. Also, there is no way to get a wrench on the inlet fitting that I can tell with the pulley attached.

Any help would be appreciated and thank you!
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Thanks Ranger, but I don't think I can remove the inlet pressure fitting to let me remove the pump. If there was some way to remove the resevoir, I could probably get to it, but I think the pump needs to be removed before the resevoir can be removed.
98eldo32v: Can I remove the line (unscrewing it) without breaking the fitting (looks to be about 7/8 inch or so) at the pump? I thought I would have to loosen the fitting beofre unscrewing the line. Thank you.
I actually siphoned out the reservoir and added some Bars Leak fluid last night. Mine is really bad though as the noise sounds like the world is coming to an end and I really don't have any power assist when the car is idling at anything past half a turn. I would love to be able to correct this via a fluid flush, but I have a feeling I've already dropped "over the edge". It's unfortunate because I bought this 1998 new and it only has 80K miles. Maybe that is part of the problem.
Nope, never run dry and never leaked. I have never added any fluid in all those years, so it is strange, huh? Perhaps it is because I haven't run it much and the seals are shot.
Thank you all for your help. Will be ripping it apart this weekend and hopefully get it all back together.
sorry...another there only one bolt holding the power steering pump to the motor? I loosened a 13mm bolt near the pulley which seems to attach the pump to some sort of bracket, but I don't think that is the right the attaching bolt angled downward at the side of the pump closest to the rear cylinder head? Its down "under there". Thanks.
The new pump is on and everything seems to be working fine. Had to buy a new pulley though as the the "lip" on the old one broke off as I was removing it. Thanks for all your help, it's appreciated!
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