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Power Steering Pump Removal

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Hello All. I have a 1998 Deville De'Elegance and my power steering pump is howling. Need to repace it and need some help. It appears that I cannot remove the inlet pressure line to the pump with the pulley attached. As I only have about 1 inch clearance between the pulley and air conditioning cannister, I do not know how to remove the pulley. Also, there is no way to get a wrench on the inlet fitting that I can tell with the pulley attached.

Any help would be appreciated and thank you!
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To remove the pump from vehicle...

Remove pressure line from pump fitting.
Remove return line from reservoir.
IF planning to remove fitting at pump for the pressure line, a deep well socket that fits the fitting and a 1/2 drive socket wrench will be utilized. REMOVE THE FITTING BEFORE TAKING THE PUMP OFF THE MOTOR. Once fitting is removed, loosen attaching bolt that secures pump to motor.
Remove pump from motor.
Attach power steering pump pulley removal tool to remove pulley.
Remove two bolts that attach pump to pump bracket.
Remove power steering pump bracket.
Remove reservoir retainer clips.
Remove reservoir. Make note of any seals on pump or reservoir, save or replace as necessary.

Installation of pump is reverse procedure.
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The fitting at the pump is on there TIGHT.

To get the line loose use the correct size wrench. I normally use line wrenchs on a fitting like that. I would advise spraying the base of the line with a little PB Blaster.

You're not going to have a lot of "swing" room to loosen the line due to the receiver dryer and the size of the reservoir. So, whatever room you have you have to utilize it wisely to turn the nut that secures the line.

Once you have loosened the line, you'll be making small turns to free the line from the fitting. Once the line is out of the fitting, if you must remove the fitting, NOW is the time. Again, that fitting is on there TIGHT. Make sure nothing flys out of the pump once the fitting is removed. I believe there is a spring in there.

When replacing the pump make sure when the fitting is installed, you can press the plunger inside the pump fitting and it moves FREELY. If it doesn't DON'T use that fitting. If the plunger sticks in any position you may not build any pressure from the pump and you'll be doing the job all over again.

Good luck.
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There should be only one bolt retaining the pump to the motor.

It faces toward the rear head, 13mm sounds correct. Once that bolt is loosened, you can slide the pump forward then up for removal.


The base of the pump has a "wedge" shape to it that slides into a "notch", therefore only needing the one bolt to secure it.
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