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2001 STS 28 k miles,2006 escalade ,2005 deville dts
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I had a bad power steering pump for my 01 Seville so I ordered a brand-new ac Delco oem from rack auto and installed it including new high-pressure hoses and drained the fluid and bled the unit and it work fine in the month of 2/ 2020. The other day when I made turns at top light and in the intersection I noticed the steering wheel locking up and acting funny like it was getting hard for a sec and had a mind of its own and the back to normal hydraulic and I could hear the pump making horrible noise when I made full turn at the intersection . I don't know if the pump went bad already or did the pump and the power steering go bad at the same time because I also got the power steering code but no leaks from itt at all . It was rebuilt in 2015. I already order a replacement from rock auto for warranty but should I do the rack as well.

code c1241 is on which is raw actuator on the rack

I've already replaced the belt and tensional as well back in feb too with the brand-new pump not reman
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