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Power Steering Fluid Change...

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Alright guys, my power steering fluid is probably shot. I was getting the groan at lower temps, but it seems to happen more often when it's not really that cold. After my last autocross, it seemed to get worse. The FAQ doesn't have the changing procedure as far as I can tell.

Any info and advice on this would be of great help.
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suck it out and refill it...that's all I've ever for flushing the system, got me.
I've used the suck it out and refill it option on my Z06 power steering and clutch fluid for years.

I'd suck it out and refill, drive it for a day or so and repeat. You'll likely have the majority of the old fluid out at that point.
suck it out and refill it...that's all I've ever for flushing the system, got me.
Feffman, in another thread, was talking about either sucking it out or getting under the car and draining it. As for sucking it out, any specific pump you use?
Be careful how you refer to Feffman "sucking it out"! Damn a guy could get a reputaion around here. :)

I use one of those little hand vacum pumps to remove the fluid from the power steering reservoir, refil it, drive it around for a while then remove all the fluid fro the reservoir again. After about 2-3 times, it's all pretty new.

And what type of fluid is that again? Preferably Red Line...
Here is what I do, anyone can do it but it is kind of tricky, or you'll make a mess.

If you can get as much fluid out of the reservoir as possible to start, find a way to get it out.

On the side of the power steering reservoir there is a return hose with a spring clamp on it, put some rags under it so you don't get fluid everywhere and pull the small line off. Now you have to find some way to connect a small pipe or hose to that and a jug of some sort.
The idea is to extend that return hose into a container to catch the fluid.
Next find something to plug off the nipple on the reservoir.
As funny as it sounds, if I can't find something I use a chunk of a latex glove and a rubber band.
Once you get set up all you need is your fluid and an assistant.

Raise the front wheels off the floor and have someone get in the car.
Fill the reservoir with whatever fluid you like and have your assistant start turning the steering wheel from lock to lock WITHOUT starting the engine (OFF).
The rack and pinion will act as a pump and push the fluid through into your jug, all you have to do is keep some fluid in the reservoir so you don't pump air into the system.
Just keep doing that until you see clean fluid coming out of the return line into your jug, and maybe a couple times after that just to be sure ;)

Then suck the fluid back out of the reservoir, remove the cap, reinstall the hose, clean up any spillage and top off the fluid, put the car back on the ground and go driving.

It can be a pain at first, but I have seen fluid changes really quiet down some of these when they get noisy.
I just use a can of brake clean to wash everything off but you can just use a light application of degreaser and wash it off with a hose (preferably not in your flower beds)
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Good stuff. Thanks ewill. I'll probably do that later this month but do the quick suck and blow in the meantime. Yeah, have fun with that one guys...
Ya, a guick suck and blow will always help you get through until you have more time to devote! (with or without wine and candles!!:bouncy: )Enjoy!!:rolleyes:
Ya know, you can get the dealer to do that fluid swap for free due to the TSB . . .
^^ you really think they're gonna flush it properly for what warranty pays for that? HA!
Actually I think the warranty pays pretty good to do it.
Some places won't do the flush for the TSB unless they can get it to act up.

Some places you'd be better of not having them do it ;) (if you know what I mean)
The two power steering fluids that are recommended are Redline Power Steering Fluid and Royal Purple MaxEZ. I am going to roll with the Redline since it seems to be better documented and seem to put up with more abuse.

Question is....will the dealer put Redline in for us vs. whatever the dealer uses?
Ewill...any comments on what you guys use at the dealer and your feeling on whether other dealers will put Redline power steering fluid in the car (that is, if we purchase it)?

Some places you'd be better of not having them do it ;) (if you know what I mean)

Well, I do know exactly what you mean as while this dealer does generally provide good service; I saw smoke coming from under my hood periodically for two days after the flush, likely due to the mess left:tisk:
James might be better suited to answer as to what our policy would be.
As a tech I can see GM not wanting me to flush it with anything but GM fluid, cold climate or the regular stuff.

I wouldn't have a problem doing it but GM would probably want me to charge you to do something like that.

Again, James is the real policy maker around here ;)
roger Roger. Had to ask for convenience sake.

Hey, thanks, e! Reed...You snoopin' out there? Could be an FAQ entry.
We have a "flushing machine" but it is kind of weird.
It has two nozzles, one above the other. One puts fluid into the reservoir and the other sucks it out. You are supposed to have an assistant turn the wheel with the engine running while you hold it in the reservoir and use a lever to control the flow rate to keep fluid in the system. It does an okay job but the reservoir on the V is too small for it to work effectively.
The method I listed above is the best one I have found.
It is how we bleed systems before we start them up after power steering system service and it actually works quite well.
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