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Power Steering Failure

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Having power steering problems with my 1996 Seville. It started leaking fluid but the source was not obvious to my mechanic. On the hoist with the steering wheel rotated side to side you would think the leak would be obvious not likely a pressure side of the system?? On the second visit we elected to replace the pump ....which worked fine for about two weeks and now I'm once again losing fluid. Any one had a history of this ? Could I have replaced my pump with one that was about to fail ??
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Didn't say he was a good mechanic.....but he is not expensive and willing to work with me. Yep, you get what you pay for !
I never understood this mentality. I'll replace 5 things I don't need instead of the one I do but at least those 5 unnecessary things cost me less than they would have if I had really needed them from someone competent. When its all said and done I've seen people spend better than a thousand to not fix what eventually only cost a few hundred or less from me to really fix it. A competent mechanic is your best friend.

Most common leak sites on that platform are the power steering pressure line right where it goes from hose back to hard line on the passenger side of the engine and the rack and pinion seals. The rack leaks can be slow but usually pretty obvious visually. The pressure line often fails in a matter that it only leaks a noticeable amount when turned all the way to the lock and held there. That would be my bet. But after 19 years that rack and pinion unit doesn't owe anybody anything. And I'd be surprised if it didn't leak at at least a little bit.
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