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Power seat stuck and cant get the steering wheel back on.

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Ok, so I was replacing the ignition switch in my caddy, and for some reason I had the seat all the way forward and now its stuck. the motor sounds, but no movement forward or back, up and down still works though. Also I replaced the ignition switch and it starts great now, but I cant get the horn contact plate and the column lock back inside the column. They sit down on top of the spring right, but I cant compress the spring far enough to put the c clip back to hold it all together. any ideas????
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There's a speciality tool for that job. It looks like a horshshoe with a threaded rod bisecting.
Sounds like the drive gear on the seat exceeded the forward limit. Hold the switch in the back position while sitting on the seat. Push as hard as you can against the floorbaords. You may get lucky and catch the teeth on the gears.
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