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Good afternoon. Longtime reader, first time poster lol.
2007 Escalade. Power seat driver not working (passenget side is fine), heated/cooled seats not working both sides(light won't come on to indicate it is calling for them to work), adjustable pedals not working, and memory settings not working.
With all that inoperable, is this pointing to one problem? I checked all the fuses and they were fine(maybe someone can list the fuses to look at, as I read through and tested the ones that sounded like it would be the culprit?)
Is it possible the seat memory module under the driver seat is the case for all of this?

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Could be a BCM issue.. or, it could be a fuse or 2.

The lights not activating for the seat cool/hot is kinda why I'm saying to check that the BCM is getting power.
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