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Power Outlets...

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Quick question for you guys that already have your '09 CTS-V's...

Where are any cigarette lighter style power outlets located in the interior of the car?

As I mentioned in another thread my CTS-V is on the way, but I am getting mine from a dealer friend over 200 miles away. They currently don't have a CTS-V in stock, nor does the local Cadillac dealer. I am trying to figure what to pack when I go to pick mine up. I figure my radar detector is a must, but I also was curious how many outlets the car had and if I need to take a lighter/power outlet splitter should I wish to use my phone charger, etc.

Can anybody give me a good idea of the power outlet locations, how many there are, and how much clearance, etc. is around them?

Thanks! :thumbsup:


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A quick check of mine indicates 2.

1 in the compartment just forward of the shifter, where you'd normally find an ash-tray. In this case there's a power outlet with easy access and plenty of clearance, adjacent to a small storage bin (very small). Both the outlet and storage bin are nominally covered by a flip-up face plate.

1 in the center console between the seats, adjacent to the USB and iPod connector. It is facing forward with about 2" of clearance forward of it

There may be more in the back seat area, I didn't check.

Outstanding. Thanks, 62Jeff.

I really appreciate it. Helps a lot.

No need to check in the back seat as I was only concerned about what outlets were readily accessible from the driver's seat.

Thanks again!


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third outlet is located in the back of the center console with a very small "ash tray" that swings down to open. Both the front and rear "ash trays" are barely large enough to hold a small phone - they clearly are not designed for putting out smokes.
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