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'04 SRX
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Bought '04 'Certified' SRX on 7/14 from Poughkeepsie Chevrolet and Cadillac in Poughkeepsie NY. Dealer didn't have time to do detailing but didn't tell us until 5 mins before they closed and we had already given them our trade in. We told them before signing any papers that we were leaving for vacation in 10 days. No problem they assured us.

Keep in mind we live an hour from this dealer...

Promised us XM radio installation. Promised us ... promised us ... promised us ...

7/15 - flat LR tire - tire pressure indicator light on
  • called dealer, indicated needed new tire
  • made appt for detailing
  • made appt for XM Radio installation
Dropped car off per appt for
  1. new tire
  2. detailing
  3. xm radio installation
End of day, called dealer re: status.
  • put on hold for 20 mins
  • disconnected me twice
  • husband finally just went there
Service dept didn't call us to let us know they didn't have time etc. Made 2nd appt. Dropped car off again ... End of day, husband went to dealership to pick up car;
  • car was allegedly detailed (didn't even look like they vacuumed let alone, cleaned leather seats or interior)
  • didn't install xm radio
  • Yippee -- they changed the tire
Dropped of the car again (3rd time in 1 week); end of day ...
  • XM radio still not installed
  • told them we would get it installed and they could pay bill
Drove 2 hours to get to their installation place, had to wait there SEVEN and ONE HALF HOURS for the work to be done. Apparently dealer made promise re XM radio w/o checking with their installation place.

Previously we had purchased a new 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS and had problems with their service department. But being the "pollyanna" that I am, I convinced husband that they must have improved. Boy was I WRONG!

We had the car ready 1 day before our trip; however, My husband and I spent hours on the phone with several employees, managers etc. We left messages for the owner and other managers (calls not returned). Lack of communication included a promise of an equal or better car as a loaner during these drop offs -- hmm.... morning person never knew a thing about it. (that's just 1 example)

Trust me, this description is the condensed version of events.

There are still things wrong with this allegedly CERTIFIED car but I'm going to a different (further away) dealer to take care of them.

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Thats where I am from!.... well Highland/New Paltz (Clintondale) but still... neat to hear about the area....

But... sorry to hear about your experience with the car :( I've never been to that dealer.... actually... I have... I remember now, I wanted to get touch-up paint for my Coupe, and ask them a few questions about it... they weren't very nice to me tho... I guess they didn't care about people with older Caddys :(

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I can agree with this review of Poughkeepsie Chevrolet and Cadillac. After needing a car because my Jaguar decided to depart this world in the country, we decided to look at Pok Chev. My wife had always wanted a CTS so we went looking. She saw the SRX and fell in love, two days and some hard negotiating later, she had it. I thought all was well. It had everything but the XM and also had the plastic protectors on the door sills. The salesman said they would throw in sill covers. We have not received the sill covers yet and no one can give us a good explanation of what they are. The XM has been a headache from the start, they use a third party installer. I had an appointment to have it installed (assured that it would work through the head unit) and told that I could wait while it was installed. I also had scheduled an upgrade to digital on-star for the same day. Supposedly a three hour appointment to have both done. After about 2 hours, I was informed the car was done. I was told that the installer had the wrong cable and that I would have to reschedule to have the XM installed. I paid for the on-star upgrade and left. The next day, I called on-star to see if the digital upgrade was appearing on my account. They told me that it was still analog. They told me that every day that I called (7).

The day came for my XM install, so I figured they could take care of the onstar the same day. I dropped the car off at 8AM and told the service tech that if the XM would require an external tuner, that I did not want to have the XM installed.

I returned at 4:30 and saw the SRX in the back of the shop with the doors and hood opened. The service tech told me the installer needed another 30 mins and everything would be done. I wandered back and saw a tuner sitting on the cup holder behind the shifter and went ballistic. I told the installer to take everything back out as this was not what I ordered. The service tech said he couldn't understand why the installer had gone ahead when it had said on the work order to not install it if an external tuner was needed. I asked him why someone had not checked it out while the installer was working on it. Anyway, they said they would take it back out. So I asked about the onstar and was greeted with a blank stare. They said they would take care of it and that I could have my car back on Saturday. I received a call at 5:00 on Friday saying that they were having problems starting the car and that they would need to work on it on Saturday and would call me to let me know the progress. So far, no call.

I am a little nervous about the service department at this dealership. It appears that they are not that knowledgeable about Cadillacs and are more concerned with sales.
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