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potential ECM issue

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2005 CTS 3.6l, 130,000mi. ran perfect until a few months ago. now it has been shifting rough, running rough, all gauges quit working, and my high beam indicator blue light constantly flashes. I have looked through several hundred threads and I think I may want to get a refurbishhed ECM that is programmed for my car for 345.00, from
Any thoughts?

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thanks for the response.
fuses are good . no check engine light.
I havent really looked too hard for ground wires. I can start looking for those and make sure they are good. Any particular areas to hone in on?
If I don't find any obvious grounding issues, would it make sense to purchase a BCM first?
Then, if that didn't help, go for the more expensive ECM?

Thanks again,
thanks for the reply. I am finally ready to start working on this car again. More than likely, there is more than one problem so Id like to tackle one at a time.

the check engine light is not on. and there are no codes that I can see.

so if I purchase a new BCU and install it, I will still need to take it to a dealer to program it to my car - correct? if so, will I not be able to see any changes until they program it? or should the gauges start working right away?

hopefully this will clear up the dash lights and gauges. then I can work on the crazy shifting and missing.

thanks again,Doug
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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