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Pot Holes !!!!!!!

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Here in Western New York, we have had the harshest winter ever. Today I hit a pothole while completing a right hand turn, the right rear tire hit the hole, I was only doing 5-10mph, then soon after the tpms went off and said 1psi........DANG IT!!!!! Lucky for me that there was no rim damage, only a cut side wall. I called Cadillac services and they sent out a service vehicle(Escalade) from a Caddy dealer. The service guy was quick to arrive, and changed the wheel with their loner spare(my car has none). The top notch service was no charge, and a new Goodyear cost me 160 bucks out the door at a local tire shop(Dunn Tire). Watch those potholes!!!! low profile tires don't stand much of a chance against them.
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Was it a 20 inch wheel? They seem most vulnerable.
Sorry to hear this. Glad you had excellent service.
Was it a 20 inch wheel? They seem most vulnerable.
Nope, 19" with the 245/45 GoodYear Eagle RSA tires. I was once told that this tire was supposed to have a more durable side wall than most others,,,,,NOT, It did not feel like a very hard hit to me. I have not had a flat tire on the road in 30 years.
This time of year is so hard on roadways and rubber. Sorry to hear you got into a spot of trouble, acpantera. But
it's good to hear that Caddy treated you right. Cheers.
Very pleased with Cadillac so far, I was thinking of getting a spare to replace the inflator kit, but with service like that, who needs a spare??
That is correct. People complain about not having a spare but since help is only a phone call away who wants to bother even getting their hands dirty?
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