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'72 Eldorado Convertible, '97 Eldorado ETC, '93 Fleetwood
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So there I was, innocently driving cars at the Mecum auction a week ago, and this followed me home . . .

1993 Fleetwood. I've clayed, polished, and waxed the hood (see the reflections?), and polished and waxed the top (clay hadn't arrived, but it clearly wants it).

To the left you see a bit of an '02 DeVille DHS waiting to be scrapped (I hadn't known whether I would find another DHS or a Fleetwood, and would have felt foolish buying my own parts back. I'll pull the telescoping/tilting wheel mechanism and a few other things before it goes), and the '95 base Eldorado parts car waiting to be a donor to my '97 ETC to the right.


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I am new here so please bear with me.
My wife & I have her 1983 Sedan DeVille d'Elegance which we want to sell to someone who appreciates how much effort has gone into making it a very unusual automobile.
Some details:
White Exterior, Blue Velour interior.
AutoMeter Gauges
1976 Oldsmobile 455 W-30 Motor
Holley Street Dominator Intake Manifold
Edelbrock QuadraJet Carburetor
Hooker Headers
Custom 2 1/2" Full Dual Exhaust System including custom built Cross Member
Heavily modified 2004R Transmission
Grand National Torque Converter
Fast Ratio Steering Box
1 1/2" Herb Adams Sway Bars mounted with Heim Joints
Custom Built Cop Car Disc Brake Rear End (2:73 Posi) with all new brakes, cables etc.(Not yet installed)
Custom Built Aluminum 54 Gallon (US) Fuel Tank
Eagle 16" Custom Chrome Multispoke wheels sporting High Speed Toyo Tires
Much more long forgotten.
All this is on a very low mileage Estate car.
If anyone is interested, contact me for more details and photos.
Thanks, Bill

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Woah! Nice. And I feyol yoor payn.....

I gave up this one in '16 - after 16 years:


And have been working on a twin of yours the past 4 years:

3801 - 3816 of 3816 Posts