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Possible Transmission Sound

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Hello all,

I just did a transmission fluid and filter change along with differential fluid at 99,000 miles just to give some background.

When I am between 35 to 40 mph and I take my foot off the gas there is a weird humming that was not there before I changed the fluid. Sometimes it happens at 25 mph but its always wen my foot is off the gas.

Also when I turn off the car there is a squeaking sound for half a second almost like a less high pitch mower belt that has slack in it engaging (anyone that has had this knows exactly what I am talking about).

Thanks in advance for your responses. This forum is a great source of knowledge.
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I also get a humming sound when I let go of the gas pedal. And it sometimes goes away when j apply the brakes. I've had it for some time now.
Mine goes away when I hit the brakes as well.

My transmission shifts very well. But before I did my fluid change it sometimes had difficulty switching gears when its cruising at 40 mph and if you blip the gas it would shift and everything would be normal. But that made a sound even when you were on the gas light.

Currently it shifts flawlessly but this sound it kind of driving me crazy.
Could it be a hub bearing ? That's the only hum I can think of. My CTS did the same thing I thought it was tires but it was still there after I got new ones.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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