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Possible to clear TheftLock before removal?

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I have a BOSE head unit from a 99 going into a 97. Ive seen this done before, and im looking to dodge the "$100 whether it works or not" dealer charge. Can i clear the theft lock from the 99 before i remove the radio? (have keys and power).

Otherwise, i do know someone with a Tech II that is not a dealer. He thinks he cant do it, but can he? It should just be somewhere in body options -> clear VIN once the stereo is installed in the 97???

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would be interesting to see how these work, i have a lot of 98+ bose HU's with cd that people are asking to put in there 97 under cars.
Thank you N*Caddy! I have a Shale STS here but its full of bullet holes O.O O.O O.O

my iPhone is taking nice pics today.

Done and done.

Radio is BOSE from a 98 STS

Destination: 97 STS with BOSE

Reason: speakers were humming after key off / lights radio off. Killing battery overnight.

Conclusion: Radio works, CD works, BOSE works, hum is gone. Battery TBD.

$73 tax in at a non-dealer garage 2 blocks from my shop. Ill be adjusting prices on these radios for the option to include install and program ;)

The guy hadnt done one of these before, but he printed this page out, went and sat in the car, less than a minute later said "s**t my tech crashed.... oh, it worked" -smile-

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hmm ill take a look and see, plugs might be the same, wonder if console cover is the same size.
glad it works for you, unfortunatly this was the first one ive done and most of the time was spent waiting on a mechanic who knew the tech II. I couldnt do anything til your car got here since i dont have a 97 on the road to test this :p But i am glad you were able to spend a bit of time with it so we could figure it out. Any future similar jobs will be done in an hour or less :)

Also no I am not ponyboy :)

Hawk if you can just pull the floor cover up and see if there is an access panel, as far as I knew 97 did not have them. The sending unit and pump in my white 97 are great, matter of fact I fired it up today to pull it in and rip the bumper and lights off... My poor car... My first caddy.... Filled the parking lot with smoke in about 5 seconds with the traction off and the e-brake and gas to the floor. Good fuel pressure there ;)
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