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Possible to clear TheftLock before removal?

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I have a BOSE head unit from a 99 going into a 97. Ive seen this done before, and im looking to dodge the "$100 whether it works or not" dealer charge. Can i clear the theft lock from the 99 before i remove the radio? (have keys and power).

Otherwise, i do know someone with a Tech II that is not a dealer. He thinks he cant do it, but can he? It should just be somewhere in body options -> clear VIN once the stereo is installed in the 97???

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i think in the 99 and older you need the tech II line with the Tech II to program i don't think it includes just clearing i think it needs to have the vin mathced but maybe im thining of 97 and older not sure
i know for sure the 2000+ all it needs is to clear that vin from the Unit's Memory you don't have to program it just clear it
but not sure about 99 and down
yeah i bet if anyone has anyting its you how many cars could you build just from the parts you have ?
not sure if this would work or not
but what about taking the internernal memory batter out
would that clear the theftlock ?
i think someone ones told me that would clear the threft lock on a OEM Navi
but would also clear the firmware and without that id be in trouble
but with no firmware on the radio unit alone then maybe removing the internal batter that would clear it i think
maybe that is so for the in 01 and older
but i know for sure with the 02 and newer that clearing the memory will work just fine
cause 2 of my nav units both where from 03 models
and sat on bone yard selves for 4 or more years before i got them
and each one had a clear memory and did not have to program for the vin
off topic but nice i like the sifter and heated seat buttons and wood trim in that seville better then the 98-05 not sure but they have more style to them i think in the 97 and older wondering if i could get it in there probably wouldnt fit in my seville
the only thin i think about is the shifter bar
in the not sure about 98-2000 but i know the 2000 and up have the shifter that ziggs and zagges and curves not just a str8 bar and all like the 97
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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