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Porting question...

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Hey guys, I have a 09 V which currently has an intake, WFM Tune, and Longtubes with full exhaust. Looking to get deeper into the 11s and am getting the blower, snout and throttle body ported. Also would install the blower spacer at the same time. Just looking to see how much these extra mods alone will help out? Should I expect 10-15HP or much more? I realize a lower pulley and heat exchanger show better improvements and they are being installed as well. But for now my focus is the porting while everything is apart. Any input would be much appreciated!
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the only blower spacer I have seen is the one from D3. They say it does wonders, but customers have mixed reveiws on it... so it's anyones guess. Might talk to PremierJosh, I think he got one of the spacers, but not sure he put it on.
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