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Porting question...

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Hey guys, I have a 09 V which currently has an intake, WFM Tune, and Longtubes with full exhaust. Looking to get deeper into the 11s and am getting the blower, snout and throttle body ported. Also would install the blower spacer at the same time. Just looking to see how much these extra mods alone will help out? Should I expect 10-15HP or much more? I realize a lower pulley and heat exchanger show better improvements and they are being installed as well. But for now my focus is the porting while everything is apart. Any input would be much appreciated!
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I am but i would like to get some more of drums and phxtriodes out there on the field. They put a lot of work into what they did so i thought it was only fair..

If they cant help you then i will. Call me if they cant Mark. I have a spare unit here that could be used as a swap so no down time.
Thanks Jesse,

We have put a ton of effort into our venture. But with only Drums car dyno'd I want to have backup with mine. Now I have all my other issues resolved and some clean up on the lid, next Wed is D'day at the dyno. (waiting for better weather gonna be 90 here today). You have solidly built 40rwhp out of yours and its repeatable. Lets see where I land. I will say that I am now able to stuff 21deg of timing into her with no knock with 91 octane, love the lower IAT2's.

Let me know how the 2.3l works out...

BTW you were spot on with that CAI, its been replaced :)
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