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Popping sound on start up.

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I have a 2007 DTS that will (seems when it is cooler) have a loud popping sound when first started. Sounds like someone is slapping the windshield and it scares the heck out of you. Been to dealer twice and they have replaced radio amplifier. I guess the noise is actually coming out of the front speakers. After twice now, still not fixed and still getting a popping sound. Has anyone else had this and if so what was the fix. My wife does not want to drive this car as she fear it will start on fire since there is an apparent electrical short. Thanks in advance!!
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Get regional people involved, or locate ewill3rd here. Great Cadillac mechanic. Do a search for his posts.
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Did you ever figure this out? My 07 DTS also exhibits this issue.

Believe it or not this something really stupid! I used to have the same problem with my Lincoln Town Car! This issue is cuased by the CLIMATE CONTROLLED SELECTOR SELENOID, it seizes in the middle when you shut off the car & then when you turn on the car it resets which it pops back into place and then works perfectly! Why it does this has a few explanations:
1: when vehicle was assembled it wasnt leveled
2: the person that mounted the selector box did it half ass!
3: defective batch

This will not cause any serious issues that will cause death or fires or even a paper cut! All that will happen is it will either wear itself out and work correctly or wont work corectly! when it goes bad, It will always blow threw the vents just not vents you want! Ask your service manager to pls look into this and you and him will probably be surprised!

Im young but have been in a mechanic shop since the age of 6months as my father owned his own and i also have 3 shops of my own at this time! I specialize in electrical work and acc, but also have 4 mechanic bays in each shop! GOODLUCK!
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The dealer replaced a solenoid in the radio. This worked for a week or so. I was told this was the reason for the "pop" as you actually heard it through the speakers. About a week later it did it again. Took it bad to the dealer and they could not get it to do it. Went to pick up the car at the dealer and when I got in ready to go I turned the key and it poped again. It has something to do with the cold weather as this happend last winter. Keep in mind I live in Phoenix so winters are not that harsh. It began to get warm and has not done it again. But I just do not think it has gone away and once it gets back into the 30-40 degree range I expect it to pop again. But this is an electronic issue that is somehow tied to the radio/sound system. I love this car and will live with it if I have to. I have a 2007 and just turned 10,000 miles and other than this, no problems whatsoever.
Just in case someone else runs into this problem I wanted to report that my issue has finally been resolved this week. It was determined that the battery was the problem and it was weak so when the engine was started there was a surge which caused the popping sound. The local dealer had to work with Cadillac back at the factory as they could not get a handle on it. Seems to all be working fine now. No one at the dealer or factory had ever run across this and they had to work through a lot of possible areas before they got to the battery.
I've had this same problem and since then sometimes my car will not sound at all...then you knock on the relays in the fusebox and the car starts. Sometimes it will start; other times no. This happened just recently after I went in for a recall for my ignition and airbag recall. Anyone find out the problem? They can't seem to figure out the problem and I am at wit's end!
Chevk if the fuse box is loose it has 3 bolt check them
my 2009 DTS-L makes this loud staticky loud popping sound for about 30-45 seconds when I turn the key to the on position...then it goes away. annoying and as in an earlier post scares the heck out of you.
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