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2014 CTS V Sport Premium
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I'm looking for the shiniest (most polished) 19" wheels available for my new CTS. I noticed that the '15 model year offers for the 19" wheel what is called a "Aluminum wheels with premium painted finish" in addition to the option of "Aluminum wheels with polished finish." The former is almost $1,400 more but appears to be less shiney; and certainly polished sounds much shinier than painted. But...

In '14, for the 19" wheels, they offered "Polished aluminum wheels." The wording is different but it seems pretty close to the words and price of "Aluminum wheels with polished finish" of 2015. So, you would think they are the same thing...

But picture for the premium painted wheels of 2015 matches the polished wheels of 2014 and the picture for what appears to be the shiniest option is for the polished wheels of 2015 - the cheaper option in 2015.

What's even stranger is that on the accessories page for the 2015 CTS, they show both wheels but the painted one is $300 CHEAPER than the polished and the pictures are identical.

So, what gives? Are the pictures wrong on the website or did they decide to polish the cheaper set for 2015. My guess is they decided to really polish the wheels in 2015 and then confused themselves when the polished wheels of 2014 became the painted wheels of 2015. And what do they mean about "painting" them, anyhow?

I saw a CTS around town with very shiney chrome wheels and I thought, "I must have those!"

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