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Over the weekend, I tried some cleaner on my stock gray grille and it made it look a little better. Then I decided to try some Pedro's Bike Lust that I use to polish my bikes. It's a silicone-based spray that really shines up the titanium on my road bike and the paint on my mountain bike. The grille now has a shine and depth to the color that I haven't seen before.

Then I noticed my tail lights and center-mounted brake light had some fine scratches on them, so I tried the polish on them. They now have a more jewel-like appearance and they look better than I remember them when they were new.

I decided to go further and do the headlight and foglamp covers, with the same results as the tail lights. All the places I used the polish now have a more glossy, transparent appearance, almost like I replaced them with brand new units.

I've also used this polish on my tires. It's certainly better that Arnor All, which wears off faster and leaves a brownish color to the tires.

I'm not sure if there are any superior polishes like this that are designed specifically for cars or for plastics, but I'm quite happy with the results anyway. For anyone who wants to try it, you can probably find the Pedro's products at your local bike shop, or you can order online from a number of companies such as Colorado Cyclist, Excel or JensonUSA.
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