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ok i got this code on my 2000 cadillac
and it is kinda having some problems starting some time.
it will crank over but it will take a while to start.
what does this code mean and how do i get it fixed.
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Find the DTC definitions here. Then do a search for it. It's been discussed many times.

That code has nothing to do with starting. Check for a leaking FPR. If OK check the fuel pump relay.
ok thanks.
i got the thing which is TCC system stuck off
ok now about it starting up.

FPR ? what is that
and wherw would i check for the fuel pump relay
FPR =Fuel Pressure Regulator. Instructions are in the Tech Tips section.

Fuel pump relay would probably be in the fuse box. Swap it with a known good one and see if that makes a difference. If so, that is your problem.

BTW, hard starting, hot, cold or all the time?
most of the time.
firt i thought i'd shatrt it up and shut it down to soon berore it warmed up.
but then in the morning after sitting over night it would be hard to start.
and then after driving about 400 KM at hi way speeds i shut it down to get gas and it would do the same thing.
my dealer guy said something about a solinoid. but i have no idea. maybe he was referring to a solenoid:S the TCC possibly? but i don't know
after reading about it i think i will live with the TCC message.
I have the same code that showed up a day after I bought my car. I am going to fix it myself with some help from my grandfather. If you have the know-how it should be an easy fix with an inexpensive part, just LOTS of labor. Out of curiosity, do you have horrible gas mileage all of the time? I know the TCC is only for lock up at speeds over 45 mph but get like 15 mpg average on tank of gas. I would only get like 17-18 with my 94 Deville but still. With a lot of highway driving (after a fill up a 2 hour trip with mpg reset) it gets up to about 17 mpg. Coincidentally I have had the same starting issue in the past few weeks. Twice when it was cold and once when it was warm. It just didn’t want to start, like it was out of gas.
i hi way drive 3.5 hours -4.5 hours a day for work.
i am getting any where from 24-27 MPG out of this car. and some times if i'm good up to around 30 mph on a good day.
its not effecting me or my drive. it was just a concern i had.
interesting about the starting.
i mean i don't see a direct link of to how a trans would prevent it for starting.
its a real bugger. i only have 159 KM on mine and i got a oil change to night and got them to do a mini tune up.
so far no starting troubles. but it has only been cranked like 3 times
ok i got it.
the reason it's taking to long to start is !!!! the cam sensor.!!
OK WELL good. but all these caddys have the problems but i cant help but love them for it.
so i have done a search on this and there isnt much info here in the data base.
where is the cam shaft sensor(s) located . how do i pull them out and replace?
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