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I have a 2003 Cadillac Escalade with 79,000 on the clock. It seems like the starter solenoid is sticking when i try to turn it over. When i let go of the key it still keeps cranking until i physically turn the key back to the off position. So i had the truck checked at autozone everything tested good except the starter was drawing an excess amount of current when I try to start it so i replaced the starter with a (new) not rebuild & still have the same problem.
Battery is original which i intend on replacing today. to get the truck to start i have to either crank the truck untill it starts at least 4 -5 seconds or hold the gas pedal to the floor while cranking untill it starts if i dont hold the pedal down during start up it will idle rough & bog as if it were flooded. I keep the pedal down to give it a good rev to clear every thing out & she runs fine. until i have to start it again...

Please help in any way posible. I also noticed when i'm on the throttle at get off immediatly the idle rolls it comes down like it should then goes up & back down again???

please help..

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