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Please: Don't buy my products........

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if you are not 100% convinced that I’m committed to helping you. MurphyG brought up some questions that I will address. How did Perfect Auto Finish Professional line detailing products get started? When I opened my business some 5 years ago I had two goals as part of my business plan, 1. Set and perform the highest standards in detailing and 2. focus on consumer education in regard to car care. So I started the areas first ever detailing clinics and to date I have hosted over 175 classes, many of which I teach at Colleges and High Schools. The public has responded overwhelmingly to these clinics and the number question I was asked early on was: What products do you use to achieve the great success you have in your shop? I had to stop and think about that, knowing that I only used professional grade products not over the counter ones. I approached several of these chemical companies and asked how I could be a distributor, and that is how I got started. Most of these companies don’t want to sell the public; they would rather pack in 55 gal and 5 gal containers. They also didn’t not want to deal with the customer service aspect of the retail business. Since my business is focused on education, it was a natural fit for me to get started. This is important: NOT EVERY COMPANY MAKES A FULL LINE OF PRODUCTS THAT ARE OUTSTANDING, BUT MANY REPUTABLE COMPANIES MAKE A HANDFULL OF PRODUCTS THAT DO STAND OUT. This is where my expertise comes in. Based on my knowledge and experience in the business I take the best product in each category that I have used, and market only those. I have no secrets about who these companies are. Ardex/Auto Magic/Car-Brite/ are a few of them. I have some others as well, they are smaller but they make outstanding products.
Its pretty simple when you think about it, I do all the leg work and you the customer benefits from my research. If you are ok with the products you are using, stick with it, I only offer easy solutions for people that are confused by the amount of car care products out there. I don’t make any claims that are unfounded, I just know what works. I have done work for Oprah, Michael Jordan, other sports stars and executives of companies. I get these jobs because of my reputation AND my work. I’m here to help you and share my good fortune so you can make your cars look great. I don’t need to sell products, bottom line. But my pro line has become popular because they work much better than retail products. Frost mentioned a good point also. I spend hours in front of this box answering questions from people all over the world. I host 6 other car forums; frankly it is beginning to be too much. Plus I pay for the privilege. I free lance for several trade magazines and get paid for my time. What I do here, costs me money. So if I didn’t enjoy helping people, I wouldn’t do it. Hope that clarifies some things. Gary
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The answers to the questions that I was asking. :banana:

Thank you turbomangt :highfive:

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