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2015 Escalade ESV Tricoat Whilte Platinum
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For those of you who have the platinum rear entertainment with two headrest tv's and two dropdown over head headliner tv's i have a few questions please....

1. did you system come with 2 remote controls? according to the manual, a smaller more horizontal remote which we did get (looks more like a video game controller older Nintendo style looking) which controls the drop downs. Also according to CUE manual a larger conventional tv remote looking shape one is supposed to come for controlling the headrest tv's which we did not get. Did any body else get this pictured remote or does anyone know anything about it?

2. Is there a way to broadcast over the cars speakers what is playing on the headrest dvd/tv players?

3. Is there a way to play the same thing on all 4 screens in the back?

4. How do people load their headrest dvd's? It seems there is not much room to insert/remove because of space between headrest and headliner to load the discs?

Any input or help is greatly appreciated.

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