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2010 cadillac escalade
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So im looking to convert my base model escalade front end to the platinum bumper and grills. ive read numerous blogs and forums that all seem to have conflicting info. so I would like to see if I can get some insite on what truly is needed to successfully do the swap and have it look as intended.

Heres what I know , you don't need the headlights.

You do need:
The front bumper
upper and lower grills
hood trim piece

Im unsure on the following :
foam bumper support 15907623
radiator air deflector 15907627 will the one from my existing bumper fit the platinum bumper. is this piece at the valance piece under the bumper
bumper cover filler 15907625
bumper cover filler 15907626

ive also read of some mounting brackets that are needed but don't have any info on them.
as well as the radiator cover under the hood or is that the same as the deflector stated above.
Do you need new inner fender wells ( wheel wells)

Do the fog lights from my base bumper fit the platinum bumper?

Please provide any part numbers if you have them .

thanks in advance

2010 Galaxy Grey Escalade
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You need everything you listed. You can get away with the Radiator cover. All you have to do is cut off two tabs in the middle as they will stick out a little. The foam is different from non platinum, The lower filler plastic filler bracket is different. Lower valance is different. You can use same fogs they are interchangeable. Inner finder wheels you can leave them but will not match up on the lower part of the bumper. Not a big ddeal.

'07 Escslade EXT
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Blackout covered most everything.
Fog lights/turn signals
Radiator cover (with small modification as mentioned)
Fender well liners (I recommend swapping them though)
Grille – matching upper and lower (either premium or platinum style)
Mounting hardware for upper grille to upper radiation support bracket (think it is 4 bolts) Easiest to call your local GM parts dept.
Center (bumper) support
Bumper cover
Air deflector (yes, the lower 'air dam')
Outer bracket fillers – left and right

Parts 1, 4, 12 L/R, 19, & 22 in the schematic.

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I have a diamond white painted Platinum Escalade bumper 2013 edition with the lower chrome grill and the driver side fog light for sale paid 1250 need around $1,000 but can negotiate if needed
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