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Plastidip my car?

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So.............with plastidip coming out in all the fancy colors now...and the process being more streamlined after so many folks have done it, I'm thinking about doing my '05 in matte white........ any thoughts?
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That's mine. Did it gunmetal grey with the black accents and black roof. I love it but I'm doing it again matte black with gloss roof/hood/trunk on the body line of course, oh and the wheels in bronze plastdip also. Ill take pics when I do it. So many people at work liked it that I've even made a little side business for it, painted 4 cars so far.


Oh and about matte white... I did my wife's car orginially in matte white ( it was a baby blue trailblazer) but it stained every time a tree seed fell on it if it wasn't washed off fast enough. It also took 5-6 gallons, I redid it in matte black and only took 3 gallons and came out better. Also, use the sprayer that they sell, its great for plastidip.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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