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Plastic AC/Heater Cover On Firewall

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Would anyone know the part # and price of the plastic cover on firewall
for 95 STS? Thanks
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I can give you the p/n for a 95 SLS which I'm sure is the same. It's called a barrier p/n 52491785. I paid $82.07 for mine, but they had a price increase the next day. I think it's a few bucks higher now.
If anyone's interested, the GM Part # is 52491785 price list is $113.46 + tax.
Thanks PJS, I could order one from GM Direct for $78, but they have to back order. Just as well buy it from my local Chevy Dealer with discount $92.55 total. Thanks for your reply.:thumbsup:
If its the AC cover, don't they have to take a good part of the engine out to replace it, mine crumbled and no longer has plastic as I chipped it all away. The AC still works fine (new compressor)
Yeah, I believe the engine has to be lowered to get access from what I have heard.
I replaced mine when I had the engine out...and even then it was a bitch to get it to fit right...some trimming may be required.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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