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Pitman and Idler Arms

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The dealer shows me my front suspension and shakes my right wheel and it shows alot of play in it. Says that my idler and pitman arms are loose and can go any minute. I really didn't know what I was looking at but it seems like there is an issue. Now they gave me a quote of roughly $700 with an alignment. Is that a fair price? I'm thinking since they only showed me the slack on the right side then that price is only on the right side. I go get another quote from a local small shop and they gave me roughly the same estimate without asking me if i need to replace both sides or not. Now i'm assuming that there should be two idlers and two pitman arms, one for each side. I'm confused since I told the local shop that i need all the arms replaced and thats the estimate they gave me without looking at my truck. Is there only one of each or one of each on each side? I'm very clueless about cars in general so bare with me here. LOL. :hmm::bonkers:
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One pitman arm and one idler arm on your truck. Can't tell you if that's a fair price or not, I haven't had to replace mine yet.
Yes, there is only 1 of each... on the driver side. I paid $650 for a pitman arm and alignment on my 99 escalade at the local repair shop. $700 for a pitman arm, idler arm and alignment at the dealer is a very fair price!

Get is fixed ASAP, I have read horror stories of pitman arms stripping, rendering the steering wheel useless. Imagine being on the highway at 60+ MPH and no steering....
I'd say thats kinda pricy. I got my mechanic to replace my pitman arm, idler arm, inner and outer ties with allignment for about that price.
Very pricey, I had my pitman arm replaced on my 1991 Brougham for $331, that included tax, a lifetime alignment, and an oil change. It made a difference on how the car tracked down the interstate, it doesn't have that subtle wobble left to right when you're going straight down the road at 70-90mph.
OH thanks for the info guys. Gonna get a set off of ebay for 45 bucks then gonna take it to a friend who did my ball joints and lowering springs/shocks on my car. He has never replaced these arms before but he says it looks easy. For $100 labor and a case a beer is better than $700. Just gonna bring it back to the dealer for an alignment though. Thanks again fellas. Much apreciated.
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