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Pics of your modded cat?

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Just looking to see some,pics of your modded cat
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rims cobalt ss rims, I painted the between the spokes.. they look nice in person.
riken raptor 235 45 17 tires.. they are so smoooth!!! I highly recomend those tires. and blizzaks in the winter...

cateramv6 what did u do with the highmt brake light in the gto spoiler??? remove? paint??


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so what does everyone think.. grill and lids to match.. or not to match???
I know.. I need to black out behind my grill...

I like the matched look... reminds me of the DTS where everything matches.. i think its sleek.
I like the lip on the front.. where did u get that??
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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