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Pics Of My Esv New Mesh Grill

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Let me know what you Think...... Pics do not do the grill justice.
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nice looks... goes good with the rims... best have an alarm for all those add ons you got... we've heard plenty about rides getting jacked that stand out from the crowd
Very very nice! That looks sharp, i was wondering about doing the same one to my White ESV Platinum. Is that from Grillcraft? Doe's any one have this same grill but on a white Escalade? I would like to see how it looks.

Again :thumbsup: very nice.
Looks clean. Those grills really add a lot to the Escalade. Nice job! :thumbsup:
very nice ride love the grill and bigspender i think vogue has one the same check it out
Very very nice! That looks sharp, i was wondering about doing the same one to my White ESV Platinum.

Again :thumbsup: very nice.
No need to improve you already have a pimp grill... Unless it's a strut I wouldn't put in on your Platinum... Just my opinion though... sweet ride
Looks Great :2thumbs: Ive considered that grille on my diamond white escalade, I just dont know how it would look. It looks awesome on black though!!!
who's the manf. of your diamod wire grill? and where did you order it?
btw...sweet ride
It looks like an E&G grille. They make the same style for the entire Cadillac line.
Thanks for all of the feedback !!!!!!!! You guys are not going to beleive how much I paid for the grill. I checked around and the prices were from $400 to $1000, I found this @ Its made by STULL and its called the diamond wire grill. I paid $115 with shipping installed it my self and it looks good to me. Good quality, no problems I could not beleive it was that cheap. It has a warranty and says it will not rust or fade. I called STULL before I bought it and talked with them all about it so I took a chance and it paid off. I would recomend it to anyone Also I seen one like it installed on a white diamond escalade and it looked GOOD.
Hey, thanks for the tip. I was going to get an E&G but for that price it was a no brainer. One question if you dont mind, how do you mount the emblem? Is there epoxy that the kit came with? Thanks, Paul
I mounted the emblem with 3M double back tape its the gooy type. I used a lamp to heat up the tape once it was on the emblem to get it real sticky. Before I did that I marked where the emblem goes by measuring and marking it with tape. It helped out. I have 22's on my ESV I know they would look much better if I loward it but I dont want a harsh ride.
those 22's look great. i was thinking about puttin 24's on my truck, but your pics are persuasive, 22's or 23's will definitely be enough. and the grill is very nice.
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