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Pics of *delivered* CTS-Vs here

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Pics of your honest-to-goodness delivered rides here please.
Youtube vids of you revving her to 6K optional :D
quick bio too, like options, when you ordered/when received.

Please lets keep comments out. Content only.
questions go elsewhere.

Please consider treating yourself and your new ride to a shiny supporting member badge as well.

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No patience. Go pick it up, see it for yourself, and drive her home. Well worth it. I drove 1200 miles for mine and wanted to keep on driving when I got home.
Hi guys,

I drove this 2013 home tonight. I will post better pics tomorrow with the complete list of parts and mods.
Please do post more pics.
Widebody? I'm looking on my phone.
Are there fender flairs? Or is the exterior stock?
I must be getting old and blind, lol.
It has to scream 😱
And on the first day it's at $100,000.
1 - 7 of 960 Posts