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Photo Shop Rim Help Needed PLEASE

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My rim saga continues, can anyone please photo shop the following rims on to a black CTS Black.jpg"-...mZ310094542020QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting

I really dont know how much time or hard this is to do, but any help would be appreciated

As you can tell, there is a pattern here, looking for a 20 inch machined face with black accents . Thank you in advance


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patience is a virtue, relax and give it some time
First one or the Axis Angle... Those would go with the angular lines and character of our CTS'... Sorry, Im not a pro at photoshop...
Those are the ones, the Axis Angle that I like the best
TOPVIEW: I did the Axis Angle wheels. I used Black Dahlia's car. I tried my best to make the wheel fit as much as I can. I think these are the best looking out of all the other wheels.

If you can find a picture of those wheels on a car I can photoshop it to a CTS
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haha that looks sick! (wheel color is a bit subaru-ish gold to me, lol) Them in a silver/black or gunmetal brushed would be epic.
haha that looks sick! (wheel color is a bit subaru-ish gold to me, lol) Them in a silver/black or gunmetal brushed would be epic.
Yeah they look gold. It is hard to photoshop a picture like that. Since the picture was just of the wheel was taken in a studio or something. to get a good match I need a picture of the wheel on a car already. So I looked for a photo of the wheel and I did this.

I think these wheels look awesome. I was planning on getting reproduction ZR1 wheels but since I saw this I changed my mind. I'm thinking about 20x9 in the front and 20x10 in the rear. I wish they made a 20x8.5

Oh yeah one more thing, Thanks Black Dahlia for letting me use his photos.
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DAMMMNNN I gotta get those AxisAngle wheels, machine with black. Need to find a dealer in Toronto now that makes financial sense

Check out the some picture on thier website
You do know that you can go to and choose the car and color to match your car and then put any wheel you want onto the car.
Actually tried that but it looks too "fake". The photo shop route looks much more realistic and I beleive a better rendition
no way..... endo that combo looks sinister!! if i didnt buy my sevas, those in black or machined would be my first choice! someone buy them! oh and feel free to use my photos for ANYTHIN (just credit me for the car lol)
BUMP to keep this going, need some more photo shops -- thanks
TOPVIEW...... you should buy the Axis Angles. It doesnt get much sicker in a one piece.
TOPVIEW, You should definitely get those rims because I am definitely getting them. They are going to be the next thing I will be getting.

Here is another photoshop. There is only one picture of the rim so it is hard for me to do it in different angles.

This is the photo I used

Well here is a photo of D3's CTS with a photoshopped axis angle wheels

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they are definitely different, just not my cup of tea

but def post pictures if & when you get them!
Darn, the Axis Angle are not available in Canada for another 6-8 weeks, looks like I might look at these Vossen Wheels in a black machined finish

What do you think? I am not sure how the deep dish is goingto look
the Vossens aren't bad, but if it were me, I would wait for the Axis (i am real curious to see what they look like on a CTS that is not photoshopped). best of luck with your decision!
I agree l prefer the Axis, the problem is, I live in Toronto. By the time they show up and I get them put on, I will have to put my snow tires back on LOL
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