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Okay gang, here's the problem. As some know, drive kicked out on me a little more than a week ago.

I was getting a CKP error, and have since changed them out. (18" ratchet extension with a swivel does the trick just fine)

Now, can SOMEONE tell me WTH is going on:

The starter cranks the flywheel but doesn't turn the belt side of the motor. I can put a ratchet on the crank (belt side) and turn easily, and can see the flywheel moving on the other side.
No current codes, as she hasn't started since the breakdown.

What am I dealing with here? :banghead:

Thanks, as usual.
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Its either the starter drive magnet is not pushing the drive in or you have a tooth missing on the flywheel. Can you hear the starter drive clunking-in? The starter may have a bad connection to the magnet or the magnet failed altogether yet the motor turns.

Grab that harmonic balancer & turn the crank a bit to move the flywheel to a spot with teeth on the ring gear if the flywheel is damaged.

I may be unlikely but the starter could loosen its mount & tip back & be clearing the flywheel, not engaging.
The front of the crank turns the ring gear -
The starter checks out good & you saw it "throw" the drive gear into engagement position then spring back, not just spin the starter gear-
Has a good mounting-

Yet the starter just spins. It is not turning the ring gear right? Time for a drink.
You would have to think a broken flex plate would be very noisey. The 8 bolts fastening it are very strong & the flex plate could never shear them. It probably cracked all the way around & the TC pushed back into the pump cleaing the crank flange making it silent.

See if the flywheel has thrust play(in-out). The flex plate doesn't allow much flex any movement would be spring loaded.

This doesn't explain the engine not cranking. That could only be a broken crank shaft.

That wouldn't explain why the turning the front crank & seeing the TC/flexplate rotation.
There is a small space down at the ex.crossover pipe where you can see the TC/flexplate and look for rotation.

Does the TC turn with starter engagement?

I am still not clear what the starter is doing.
Unless the 4 bolts fell out of the TC the problem is the same as the link in #12 post.
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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