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Okay gang, here's the problem. As some know, drive kicked out on me a little more than a week ago.

I was getting a CKP error, and have since changed them out. (18" ratchet extension with a swivel does the trick just fine)

Now, can SOMEONE tell me WTH is going on:

The starter cranks the flywheel but doesn't turn the belt side of the motor. I can put a ratchet on the crank (belt side) and turn easily, and can see the flywheel moving on the other side.
No current codes, as she hasn't started since the breakdown.

What am I dealing with here? :banghead:

Thanks, as usual.
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now that sounds bad, when ya turn it over with the bar or starter motor do you here and feel any compresion?? Does the water pump belt turn while cranking or by turning harmonic balancer?? Almost sounds like a broken crankshaft. You are turning the bolt clockwise??
what does it sound like when you hit the starter any compres. or resistance?? The flywheel might turn when turning the harmonic balancer bolt, even if the flywheel is broke. Need to know if you hear any resistance with the starter. A broken flywheel will useualy make a lot of noise or a vibration before it gets this bad
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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