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Hey guys I'm Eric from M.I a new member but I've using this site for a long time, jsut trying to get more performance. My buddy has a 05 gto 6.0 A couple off months ago he bought a turbo system from STS turbo. He finaly got it installed...and wow!!! I have a 96 eldo and we've raced before just for laughes (real close) lol! And he took me for a ride the other day and only making 5lb of boost it is a HUGE!!! diff. Anyway to the point StS makes a universal turbo kit supposedly for any car. For those of you that arn't familer with sts turbo's the entire turbo system is mounted on the exhuast so you can put it werever there's room instead of making room in the engine compartment wich is a big problem for the caddy N* ( not gonna happen )
But I don't know near as much about these cars as you guys do? would it be possible to install on the N*. Just try'n to help thanx.

you can check it out at
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:alchi: IF you have enough time and money, you're pretty well free to do as you like. Cheaper and more reliable to buy your friend's car.............or turn your car into an OHV (454+++) powered RWD screamer. (Just being catty....turbos on stock bodied stock engined N* Cads are darn near impossible.)
it could be done easily...the install that is...

you'd only need to fab and weld all your own piping...and then use oval or flatten your pipes so as to not lose ground clearance up front. should eliminate the washer fluid tank and run the pipe up there and right into the TB. in theory the "install" will go smooth.

the tuningis what will screw you over...there is no chips/tunes one can seem to hack the PCM on the OBDII Northstars...

you can use a piggyback "ECM" like a XFC or something along those likes to skew the MAF and O2 readings to trick the motor into delivering the fuel you want and when (within reason) but you cant adjust timing at all...

consult MARK99STS for turbo advice and/or assistance...his turbo'ed STS is sick...but cost him north of 10k to do it right...
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Beefiest Northstar you can buy...although it won't work with our stock computers...

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