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have any of you ever considered any of these crazy ideas of adding a "so called" performance chip? if so, was it worth your time and money? i was just browsing ebay and came across this paticular add and just wonder what you guys thought of these things...
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I can't speak for that particular chip. But I read the description and I would guess they are lying. As I understand it, most chips do what they say theirs will do, but also reconfigure the valve timing too. I suppose there are some that change shift points and only that, but I would think most of them do much more.

As a rule for me on EBAY, I never buy anything from anyone with less than a 99% rating. This guy has only 95. Granted that's on 18 transactions so it only takes one bad review to drop from 100 to 95. I wouldn't bother with it myself.
Anytime you see a "performance chip" on eBay for less than $50 ... AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! You are buying a 5 cent resistor that tricks your IAT sensor into thinking the incoming air is cooler.
oh maybe i should make it a bit more clear, i am not personally about to buy this one in paticular, i was wondering if anybody as actually bought one for their CTS and how it worked. i just used this one for an example, cause i am not completely sold on performance chips and wanted other's opinions...
I am curious about this also. After the Volant and Borla, I know the headers are hard to come by but I would always be looking for ways to boost the performance on my 3.2
Did a whole lot of research on this because I wanted to buy one also....... the only true performance chip I found was for the CTS-V and it runs a good $300 +, your basically rewriting your computer code.
The other one's even the ones that claim (e-bay and few performance sites) that they well give you better performance even in a standard CTS are Bull there basically a couple of resisters that you splice into your computer wiring.
Some claim that they noticed the cars idle smooth out and got better rpm, But I think it's all in there head along with some wishfully thinking that they didn't get taken..............................
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