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Perfect Auto Finish: SOLD!

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SOLD: Perfect Auto Finish

I have been giving some serious thought about trading in my buffer for a fishing pole, and I have decided that time is now. When I opened PAF in 2001, I set out for myself some tough long term goals in my business plan, and I can honestly say I’ve reached them all. I’m proud of my list of accomplishments which include performing state of the art detailing, hosting over 200 detailing clinics which were designed to help the novice detailer, helped publish a book on how to start a detailing business, filmed a professional DVD, started a private label program of detailing supplies which are selling now world wide, and have detailed cars for Oprah, Paul McCarthney and other celebrities.
I was extremely concerned about who I should sell the business to, I was concerned that the new owner keep up the reputation I worked so hard to create. I’m proud to announce Kevin Traver as the new owner of Perfect Auto Finish. Kevin is highly skilled in the arena of detailing; Kevin was the detail manager in a high end Lamborghini dealership. Kevin also worked for me a few years ago, and I know he will uphold the high standards that I have worked so hard to create.
The product end of Perfect Auto Finish will continue to run; Kevin will maintain all the filling of orders, so all of you that found success with my products will continue to keep giving your care that Perfect Auto Finish.
I want to say that I have enjoyed working with everyone, I have found new friends by association in this industry, and that in itself is priceless. I will still be writing articles and teaching my detail clinics for the time being. Good Luck to all of you, my new e mail address is [email protected]
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Congrats and Happy Fishing to you!
Thank you for all of your excellent advice Gary, enjoy retirement! I'll always have my DVD to help me out.

Thank you Gary for all you've brought to the forums and the world in general. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Enjoy retirement and stop by and say hi once in a while.

Gary, congrats on selling your business :) I know when I sold our detail businesses in 1995 I was very pleased, for me it started as a side business, and just kept growing, it's was tough to sell the 36 locations some of which we owned the property, and businesses are tough things to sell these days. Enjoy the rest of your life, and thank you for the info you gave the members on this site. :)
Well Gary I, for one, will miss your informative and well written posts concerning all the areas involved in detailing our pride and joy!

May you have a long and healthful retirement - you've more than earned it, old friend.............
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