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Greetings Dedicated Auto Enthusiast.
I just came on board as a sponsor, and I would like to give you some background on who I am and what I do. My name is Gary Kouba and I opened Perfect Auto Finish in 2001. My main focus, in addition to performing state of the art auto detailing, is to teach and educate the public on modern techniques and applications involved in proper auto detailing. In order to achieve this, I started auto detailing clinics shortly after I open my business, and the first class attracted over 65 people. This told me the public had a need and desire to learn about car care. I now teach auto detailing classes at the college level for continuing adult education. My classes have become so popular that the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald and America’s Car Care Business have written articles about them. (Visit to read the articles.) I write detailing articles for Professional Car Washing and Detailing Magazine and also run my own car care column in the Community Press. I serve on the board of directors for the Professional Detailers Association (, and I’m one of 6 PDA Certified Master Detailers in the state of Illinois. In addition to contributing to this forum, I run 5 other detailing forums on other car sites. I have done work for the Oprah show and presidents of corporations and my detailing work has been featured in trade magazines. My passion for cars and detailing is part of who I am; I will answer your questions and help however I can. I started my own line of professional supplies that is not available elsewhere to the public which I sell at wholesale. . Selling is not my focus, but it does offer simple solutions to people that are confused by the amount of products on the market today. In my opinion, most retail products are way over priced--chemicals are not that expensive--and I believe everyone should be able to buy at wholesale. The difference between professional grade and retail in terms of applications and performance is night and day. You would also be surprised to find out that my professional line is often cheaper than what you are already paying for over the counter products. You can read the feedback section to see what people are saying about my products and service. I look forward to talking with you all soon.
Best Regards in Car Care,
Gary Kouba
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