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Particularly, the sports fans. Why?? They get into talking about football or baseball and it's all cool. Then they have to say something like, "At least they're a real sport unlike NASCAR or golf." I've heard this many times and It makes me so mad. I ask them...Why do you think those are not sports. One said, "NASCAR is easy, it's just left turns."
Last time I check NASCAR wasn't only about left turns or everyone would be winning Daytona 500's. I could go on and on about the things they say but I will just get all worked up. I'm trying to eat a pizza and last thing I need it to be ticked off. Oh, and please discuss your feelings too. I wanna know who else thinks certain sports are not sports just because you don't like it.

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People at work make you sick?

Dude, people and work make me sick! :D

In all honesty, I don't have the patience to sit through even 5 laps of NASCAR, or Golf for that matter...I only watch the NFL and College Football. Now if I could actually drive in NASCAR and play Golf, that wouldn't bother me, and that's why I therefore respect them as sports, but I just don't watch them...


Illumina and his subsidiaries may not enjoy watching NASCAR, but Illumina and his subsidiaries will gladly watch NHRA at any given moment of 'X', where X equalls time when there is nothing else to do.

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How many of those people at your work actually participate in teh sports that they watch?

Here's how I feel.

I don't watch sports on TV, it's boring to me and a waste of my time. The exception is when I participate in a sport, i.e. golf may be one of the most boring things to watch on TV but when I play myself I am more interested in watching how other people do it. When I am not actively playing, I could care less when it's on TV.

Now, if I have the time and oportunity to watch a sports event live then I get the excitement of the crowd, the atmosphere of the stadium or arena or track, whatever the sport may be. I'd rather watch a high school game with someone's kid or someone I know playing than watch the Super Bowl or the World Series.

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I watch no sports on TV ~ ~ unless it's winter & real cold. Otherwise, I 'd rather be out doing something myself, usually washing one of my cars, or waxing or cruzin'

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I only enjoy High School (Little Rock Central High) and College (Arkansas Razorbacks) Football. And the final four of college basketball is usually good too.

But baseball is boring, nascar is boring (unless you're actually at the race track), and the other sports aren't that me anyways...
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