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PCM wiring without a complete car harness

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I have some disconnected wiring in my 1998 Seville, and it won't start. I have all the right voltages to the PCM based on the manual schematics, correct fuel pressure, spark, 14 V to the injectors, but no injector activation. Is the anti-theft gismo a problem? How do I wire around it at the PCM? I'm basically trying to run the engine without the complete car wiring intact. Someone must have done this before.
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Back at it again! I have ignition, but injector firing stops after a couple of seconds, sounds like it might be firing the injectors in "prime" mode, where it puts some fuel into the intakes and waits for confirmation of running. Spark continues after injection shuts off. On my other fuel injected projects I found lists of the inputs to the PCM (ECU, or whatever) that were needed for running. This would be a first step for anyone using the engine in something else, as I am. Next comes the PCM tuning. Can anyone help get me running? I've checked all my sensors, MAF, etc.
What is it that you are trying to do?

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