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02 Cadillac seville sts

Pcm codes are as follows I dont know if anyone know where I can get a service manual for this thing... basically something to tell me what the part corresponds for what codes

Powertrain control module
p1811 maximum adapt and long shift... This seems to be the most menacing of all my problems right now... what would fix this?

p 0502 vehicle speed sensor vss low input
I have a part for this ac delco part 24230352.
but where is it located?

p0410 secondary air injection system
have a part number for this and a parts car...
but where is it at?212553

2002.5 F55 CORSA STS, 2014 Explorer XLT FWD
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AIR is the system which uses an air compressor and check valves to pump fresh air into the exhaust manifolds to insure quick cat lightoff - sort of an "afterburner".

The AIR pump is down on the body flat inside the front of the LF wheel fender liner. it feeds fresh air through two hoses to the right and left bank AIR control valves - the black things, one on top of the right bank cam cover, the other just outside the lower radiator hose at the water pump inlet.

The valves use solenoid ported vacuum, through plastic lines from the throttlebody to the solenoid, to the valves.

Check the vacuum lines as well as the air delivery hoses. Then check the integrity of the AIR pump itself - remove the LF wheel and fenderwell liner or get up through the bottom with the car up on a hoist.

The VSS sticks out of the top of the right transmission output shaft housing, just about 18" in fromt of where a passenger's left toes would be..........
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