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What a lot of people ask me is what will my payment be. I can not say exactly when you order because rebates, programs and interest rates change by the day, week or month. What I will do is do everything at the GM buy rates and give you the best deal period. I have no time for games and I am always here for you after the sale.

If you want a vehicle and live on the west coast in Ca for example you need to order California emissions in order to get plates and title. It is cheaper for you to order a vehicle and have it droped shipped to a dealer near you. Some dealers only charge you MSRP... I do not charge any where close to this.. I have saved many people money every day and I will continue to do so. All rebates and interest rates are good at time of delivery..

I want to thank everyone in advance and please keep all the orders coming.


Scott Pratt
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