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passenger window allways disconnects

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hey I got a 88' deville and the front passenger window cant be rolled all the way down because if it does it will disconnect from the motors arm, and wont go back up. for some reason its only been a problem with that window and if I accedentely roll it all the way down I gotta take every thing apart on the door just to pop the plastic piece back in. what can I do (or get) to keep it from allways coming out??any help is appreciated:)
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Hey mine does the exact same thing. only it doesnt happen every time i roll it down all the way. when it does happen all i have to do is make sure that the motor is all the way down and i grab the glass with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the glass up out of the door then i use the switch to move the motor up and it catches on the glass and works like normal until it falls again. I havent looked into fixing it though.
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