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passenger side mirror

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Here we go again guys, My passenger side mirror is trashed and i would like to replace it. Thing is i'm not sure how to take the door panel off to replace it, i dont want to have a new mirror and trash my door panel, can someone please help?
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Actually on my 97 Deville yous have to remove the Window switch assembly (pry it up with a slotted screw driver gently in one corner then pull it out)
Look in side and remove the Philips Screw that holds panel to Door..
Then Remove the Door panel Light Assembly at the back of armrest on Door Panel...(The same way mentioned above) Also look inside and Remove Philips screw...
Remove the plastics housing around inside door handle
Pull back the the Triangle PLASTIC piece in top corner of panel that covers screw for sideview mirror (Just gently pull beacuse it is actually attached to door panel)
Now to remove the Panel Pull Straight UP....Dont PULL Towards inside car Because the door Clips are Like "L" brackets.. So if you pull towards inside car you will brack the tabs of them and Panel wiil not stay put anymore...
Pretty Easy even though there is much here.....Hope this helps
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